“I had no where else to go and I didn’t know what to do.”

We provide confidential counsel, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, materials support, parenting classes and character-based relationship education in schools, all at no cost to clients or taxpayers.

Everyday young women come to the Pregnancy Center for answers. Most come in feeling afraid and alone – like they have no options. Many of them feel trapped and believe the only choice they have in an unintended pregnancy is abortion. The Pregnancy Center gives counsel, support, free services, and grace when it is needed most.

We provide women complete information about all of the options to help them make life-affirming choices. Through free and confidential counsel, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, material support and parenting classes the Pregnancy Center has the opportunity to show love and grace to every woman who walks through our doors.

The Work We Do

2016 Year End Stats

Client Visits

Free Ultrasounds

The Pregnancy Center provides women with free ultrasounds by trained nurses and technicians, giving women complete information about their pregnancy.

Pregnancy Tests

The Pregnancy Center provides free pregnancy tests to young women who are concerned about an unintended pregnancy.

Mothers Receiving Resources

Women receive support from the Pregnancy Center including diapers, formula, baby and maternity clothes, cribs, furniture, strollers and car seats.

From Our Clients

“Friendly, supportive atmosphere. They did not judge.” Julie

“My counselor was very polite and understanding, she also gave me important information that I needed to know.” Kendra

“The counselor was very warm, understanding and helpful with my questions.” Natalie

“They told me it was okay. They were there for me.” Katie

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